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Our Mission

The Second to None Coalition was formed to unite America's aerospace and defense workers, active and retired military personnel and broad supporters of national security, aviation and space in a common cause to preserve America’s role as the global leader in aerospace and defense. By empowering people across the country with specific calls-to-action and fact-based information, the Coalition is connecting citizens with their elected officials to inform them of the benefits of a strong aerospace and defense industry.

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The aerospace and defense industry significantly contributes to the way Americans live, work, travel and communicate. Technological advancements in the industry have spurred innovations in jet aircraft, communications satellites, the internet, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other technologies that help save and improve the lives of Americans every day. Today, the industry employs more than one million workers across all 50 states, is the nation’s largest net exporter and is one of the biggest contributors to the annual U.S. GDP.

Speaking with one voice, individuals, advocates and leaders from across the country are delivering strong messages to policymakers and influencers that:

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  • Focus on the high-skilled, high-technology jobs critical to keeping America competitive;
  • Voice the need to sustain our nation’s role as a global leader in aerospace and defense;
  • Push for technologies and systems that protect the lives of our men and women in uniform;
  • Leverage the need for continued innovations that improve the safety and efficiency of air travel;
  • Advocate for further expansion of our space program and commercial spaceflight activities; and
  • Support small businesses that help foster contributions to America’s aerospace and defense industry.
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Armed with the necessary tools, the Coalition is protecting American jobs, our economic and national security interests, our global competitiveness and our ability to innovate for the future.

With this unyielding resolution to protect our nation’s most valuable industry, we are sending a clear, compelling message to our elected leaders that the U.S. aerospace and defense industry is, and must remain second to none.